Episode 45

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6th Apr 2021

You Seem Interesting Episode 45: DJs & Stylus Chris

What makes a good DJ? When did DJs start to become celebrities? Why did the DJ at my wedding play that song by Train when I specifically said to never ever play it under any circumstances? Our guest this week is DJ Stylus Chris who has had a fascinating career. Quite simply, he has a staggering and encyclopedic knowledge of music, beats, influences and origins. All that info at his disposal helps him instinctively know what should come next. Chris runs his own DJ school called Beat Refinery where he gives insight from a career in music. What mistake do DJs make? What album should go in the DJ time capsule? And how should Gen X'ers that grew up with Wu-Tang, Tribe, 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Gang Starr, Nas etc. feel about Mumble Rap?

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You Seem Interesting
Radio Host & Comedian Danny Rouhier Explores Some of the Most Unique Jobs in America
What happens in an emergency room? What's it like to audition for acting roles? How does a judge prepare for court & to make decisions? How do you start a non-profit or catch a criminal that doesn't want to be caught? I don't know either. Let's find out the answers to those questions and much more each week. Radio host, comedian, and impressionist Danny Rouhier will research a subject and interview someone at the top of their unique profession. We'll talk to people from all walks of life who have unique jobs and find out how in the hell they do what they do.

Tune in as Danny Rouhier (@funnydanny twitter) has fun learning about some really cool people right under our noses.
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Danny Rouhier is a comedian and radio host in Washington, DC. He has hosted the #1 sports mid day program, The Grant & Danny Show on 106.7 The fan, for the last 7 years. As a standup, he has performed all over the US & Canada at clubs like the DC Improv & Caroline's on Broadway, festivals like Bumbershoot in Seattle and the Boston Comedy Fest, in addition to a bunch of other impressive things. Danny was on tv shows too. He was on The A-List on Animal Planet, TV's Biggest Blunders, TV's Best Holiday Specials and more. He is launching a new project, 'You Seem Interesting', a show that takes an inside look at some folks among us with unique jobs and the skillsets they've developed to thrive in their roles. The show will feature a wide range intriguing characters from comedians & actors to ER doctors and non-profit CEOs. Episodes will air weekly and be awesome.