Episode 28

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30th Nov 2020

You Seem Interesting Episode 28: Beef, Heritage Cattle, & Lulu Henderson

A little over 20 years ago, a passing interest turned into a passion to save a nearly extinct breed of cattle. The Randall Lineback is a heritage breed (can be traced back to the 17th century in North America) and was truly on the brink before Chapel Hill Farm stepped in. Lulu Henderson, as is the case on many smaller farms, wears dozens of hats and has had to rapidly adapt to the chaotic times we're all in, shifting their business entirely. How does a small farm compete with the massive cattle farms? How did they shift their business to direct to consumer in a matter of weeks? Why is transparency so important when it comes to our food supply chain? How will the pandemic affect beef production?

You can find out more about Chapel Hill Farm and Randall Linebacks at https://www.randalllineback.com/ 

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Danny Rouhier is a comedian and radio host in Washington, DC. He has hosted the #1 sports mid day program, The Grant & Danny Show on 106.7 The fan, for the last 7 years. As a standup, he has performed all over the US & Canada at clubs like the DC Improv & Caroline's on Broadway, festivals like Bumbershoot in Seattle and the Boston Comedy Fest, in addition to a bunch of other impressive things. Danny was on tv shows too. He was on The A-List on Animal Planet, TV's Biggest Blunders, TV's Best Holiday Specials and more. He is launching a new project, 'You Seem Interesting', a show that takes an inside look at some folks among us with unique jobs and the skillsets they've developed to thrive in their roles. The show will feature a wide range intriguing characters from comedians & actors to ER doctors and non-profit CEOs. Episodes will air weekly and be awesome.